PETRONIC Sanat Engineering Co

As a progressive brand in the field of the production of laboratory equipment, offering related services as well as equipping and setting up industrial, educational, research and medical laboratories, PETRONIC Sanat Engineering Co. expresses its readiness to cooperate with your company.

To make you more acquainted with our fields of activity and also better clarify our technical and executive capabilities, we would like to bring the following to your attention:

Main fields of activity:

1. Consultation, design, production and installation of modern laboratory furniture (laboratory benching) along with supplying of laboratory general equipment and accessories such as taps, fittings, acid-proof sinks

2. Design and production of CAV, RAV, and advanced VAV laboratory fume cupboards fitted with intelligent and automatic control systems

3. Design, procurement and implementation of "central high purity and ultra-pure gas control systems" used in various laboratories to operate analytical instruments to initiate and stabilize safe and reliable analytical processes in the form of EPC contracts.

4. Providing laboratory safety equipment such as fire-resistant safety storage cabinets for chemicals and gas cylinders and also kinds of safety-showers

Laboratory Safety Equipment
Laboratory Safety Equipment
High Purity Gas Control Systems
High Purity Gas Control Systems
Fume Cupboards
Fume Cupboards
Laboratory Furniture
Laboratory Furniture

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